About Us

My name is Ashley Hollister and I am first and foremost a wife and Mom to three kids 5 and under. I started Modern Dot Boutique out of my love for comfortable, trendy clothing that I can wear while home or out on a date with my husband and girlfriends. I like high quality clothing, but with three small children I can't afford the high prices. I began to notice the more I browsed online boutiques, the more I was turned off by the quality, selection, and price. I sat down one day and began to brainstorm. As busy women we need options that can take us from day to night without much effort, but that are comfortable and trendy. We also need options that are budget friendly and won't cost me half a weeks worth of groceries. Then, Modern Dot was born.

My goal for creating Modern Dot is to give women comfortable, modern, trendy clothing that is high quality, small batch, and most importantly affordable. I carefully chose all the items in the collections and take my time vetting wholesalers, their vision, and their quality.

Modern Dot was named after my Grandmother nicknamed 'Dot' - spunky, trendy, and always comfortable. (Love you Grandma!). Located in Leander, TX we are a small business that strives to offer great quality items and customer service. 

I hope you enjoy the collections from season to season as much as I do curating them for you. If you have questions and or want to see more of an item in the shop please reach out. I love to hear from our customers about what they are looking for!


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